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Player Needed Urgently for EEPL By: IL-Ed Date: May 18, 2005, 10:12:24 am
Due to a player dropping out we urgently need an extra player for the Ukraine leg of the Centurio EEPL.

If anyone on the team can come that would be great but we would be happy to take along a guest player. The tournament is over the 28-29th and we plan to fly out on Thursday 26th. If anyone is interested pls let us know ASAP so flight can be booked. We will look to see if we can subsidise the flight a bit to compensate for late notice.

This is a great chance to play on the first UK team to travel to the EEPL and do it on the cheap as well!!

PS: EU countries don't need a VISA at the moment. Something to do with the Eurovision Song Contest Smiley (not the real reason we are going)