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Various stuff for Sale By: IL-Tim Date: June 24, 2005, 05:59:28 pm
As soon as I can get organized I'm going to post a bunch of stuff on P8ntballer for sale. You all get first dibs and Iron Lions get a 20% Teammate discount. Prices are Pounds Sterling.

Air systems and Accessories
Max Flo reg and manifold-Black and Silver (Iím told itís low pressure, Front gauge goes up to 700 psi)                                 45
Crossfire 1.1L/4500 Low Pressure(Blue=450psi output) Pi tank and reg Born 7/2004   125
Nitro Duck X-Stream Adj. Bottle Regulator w/ spanner               45
1.5L 4500 Fibre-wrapped Pi tank Born 5/2003                   55
AKA Sidewinder Long HPR-Raw (Unanodized)                  45
AKA Sidewinder Long and Medium Spacers-Black                  10
Dye Bottle Cover 1.1L-Black                           5
Dye 5000 psi gauge (New)                           5
CP 5000 psi gauge (New)                           5

Red 12V Viewloader w/ X Board                        19
Shocktech Aluminium drive cone for Halo/Reloader B (New)            19

Full Freak Kit. Cocker threaded, 16î Black AA Front               55
ICD Barrel package (Dye Excel 14î, J&J Ceramic 14î, Black Freak back, stock BKO)   19
Freak Back. Stainless Steel, Spyder threads                     15

Various parts
Dye Pro 45 single trigger frame for mech Spyder (New)            7 each 2 for 10
Matrix/DM4 Dye Sticky 3 grips-Smoke (New)                  12
Matrix/DM3 PBC LPR (2)                           12
DM3 LCD Board                              15
Matrix/DM3 CP Roller Trigger-Chrome                     15
Matrix/DM3 Kapp Adjustable Top Hat-Blue insert                  8
Matrix/DM3 Toxic breach. Machined and tapped for Angel detents-Raw         15
NYX EgiEye board with TADAO M3 Chip (for London Tigers and NYX Trixes w/ external eyes) These boards are no longer made and this comes w/ newest ramping chip.      45
Matrix/DM3 Leethal Mod V2 for Image bolt                     30
Matrix/DM3 New Designz Colour Contrast Kits
-Red Snatch grip, 15 degree ASA and breach rod                  19
-Red Feedneck, Rear plate and adjustable ASA                  19
Re: Various stuff for Sale By: IL-Bevank Date: June 24, 2005, 06:17:12 pm
how much did you give ppl to take your martixes of your hands  :twisted:
Re: Various stuff for Sale By: IL-Tom Date: June 25, 2005, 10:41:32 pm
I'll have the Freak kit please  Cheesy  Is the £55 before or after the 20% discount? Either way can you bring it on Monday? I can have the cash for you straight away!
Various stuff for Sale By: IL-Stark Date: June 27, 2005, 08:50:33 am
I'll take your x-stream and the dye 1.1 bottle cover