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[readme] ...want to train with us and never played in a tournament? By: IL-Alex Date: September 22, 2006, 08:32:42 am
This post has been written for those considering attending an Iron Lions London training session without any tournament paintball experience.

The Iron Lions London paintball team train on a regular basis, we do that to improve our skills and this has taken a group of committed individuals and formed a strong, supportive team network.

Anyone considering joining may find coming down quite daunting, but I can assure you that the reception given to all new recruits is very supportive. There are a number of reasons for this, which I explain below:

1. We're not all from London!
In general, living and working in London can be quite unfriendly, but the very fact that the team is dominated by non-UK nationals makes it very different. This creates a team spirit that is different than most, and I think that's due to the majority of the team moving to London and really understanding what it's like "being the new guy"?! This has built a very loyal and supportive network within the team that extends beyond just paintball.

2. Experience level of players prior to joining
The Iron Lions is also built on taking inexperienced recruits, providing coaching, and developing them into players. Most of the team have followed this pathway, and this strengthens the bonds within the team.

3. Low costs of participation
Having the ability to train at TPC on a regular basis not only provides a venue for us, but also new recruits can use site equipment until they feel the desire to buy their own. This allows anyone to come down and try tournament paintball for less than the cost of playing paintball on their local field. Typically a weekly training session for a new recruit costs approx £30-40

In summary, I hope that this post has reduced any concerns, and has encouraged you to consider attending. The key points to remember are that:

1. We always welcome new recruits
2. No experience is required
3. We keep costs to a minimum for new recruits

If you are considering attending a training session, please post up in the weekly thread to say that you're coming down. I ask this as it helps us plan our training sessions more effectively

If there are any further questions, please post a new topic in this forum!

I look forward to meeting you

Iron Lions London HR
Re: [readme] ...want to train with us and never played in a tournament? By: IL-Axel Date: May 13, 2008, 10:15:08 pm
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