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IronLions Training Events - Public Allowed By: IL-Ed Date: November 23, 2005, 01:52:52 pm
This thread will keep you up to date on upcoming training events that are open to the public. These events allow you to come and meet/train with us. These days appeal to all varieties of players including:

-Regular "walk-on" players w/ their own kit who want to improve their skills

-Occassional players who just want to dominate their next stag do or work trip to a recreational field

-Experienced or completely novice players who are interested in joining the team and feeling the thrill of playing in tournaments!

If you would like to come down and train with the IronLions London Paintball Team let us know below or e-mail/PM IL-Tim or myself. Contact details available on the Forum Staff link at the top of the page.

Training will include working on individual skills, communication, team drills and structured games. Players will be coached during games to ensure they use the new skills they have learnt while under the pressure of being shot back at and will be pitched against players of appropriate abilities to ensure useful training.

Training Fee for Public is set at £15 plus a share of paint used.Paint is bought at the team's sponsored price so you will get a great deal. Typically expect to only spend about £10 for paint.  Kit hire, if needed, from TPC is an additional £10 for mask, overalls, marker, hopper.

The Paintball Centre, Canary Wharf - See for Directions

Training at TPC is from 18:30 - 21:30

Upcoming Training

TPC 31/07/06 - Training as normal
TPC 07/08/06 - Training as normal
TPC 14/08/06 - Training as normal
TPC 21/08/06 - Training as normal

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