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Website Updates (9/12/05) By: IL-Axel Date: December 09, 2005, 12:28:08 pm
To make things a little easier for people and to encourage you to use our forums even more, we've reshuffled things a bit. Here's the new structure:

1. The Team

- Team News (news from the team)
- Team Calendar (the teams event calendar)
- Recruitment Office (join us and reap the rewards)
- IL Merchandise Shop (show your true colours)
- The Den (for members only!)

2. Paintball

- Paintball News (general news from the world of paintball)
- Paintball Talk (discuss paintball)
- Paintball Wiki (the paintball knowledge base)
- The Paintball Calendar (link)
- Paintball Classifieds (link)
- Customised & Wholesale Paintball Gear (link)

3. Open Ground

- Shoot the Breeze (everything goes!)
- Website Helpdesk (post your questions and bugs here)

4. Online Gaming

- First Person Shooters
- Strategy Games
- Misc Gaming

Have fun,