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New Year, New Team, More Paintball By: IL-Axel Date: November 16, 2008, 04:50:26 pm
Hi all,

Since it's gone quiet on this site yet I am receiving a few emails each week from people wanting to play, I am thinking what to do with all the interest that's still there.

As I don't have much time going out playing myself, I will organise regular events via the website instead. I'm currently looking into suitable paintball sites in and around London and get discounts sorted out for us to play there.

I'm pondering to set-up a regular weekly event on Sundays since most people will be likely to have time to play.

There will be no limit on the amount of people going but I would try to get at least a group of 5 to go.

Furthermore, I will re-structure the site to be more "recreational" friendly, instead of focusing on a regular team and tournament events. This means news and information regarding paintball in general, London based paintball sites and gear.

If there's anything in particular that you think I should take into account or focus on, please fire away by posting your comments in reply to this post.

Until January, have a great Christmas time Cheesy