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Eclipse Paintball Association League - Leg 1 By: IL-Ed Date: March 06, 2006, 04:27:52 pm
IronLions take First Place in Division 2!!!

This weekend saw the debut of IronLions London at the PA League in Ancaster. Having played 5 Man events for the majority of the last year we knew we would need to adapt our game to suit the larger fields and extra number of opponents on the field.

The facilities on site were great with a massive staging tent in the center and the fields set out in a horseshoe around it. Everything needed by the players was within a close 20-30 metres from the staging tent such as Compressed Air, Chrono Area, Tea Van & Trade Stand with Phoenix Paintball providing Gear and the excellent Zap Chronic Paint which we use.

With only 7 teams in our division the schedule was set up that we played the 6 others twice over the day for a total of 12 games. The two games against each team took place on the same field allowing a rotation of ends. This allowed for changes in tactics for the second game based on what happened in the first game. The organisation was also such that all the fields would start play at exactly the same time.This meant certain fields didn't get out of sequence as sometimes happen at other tournies resulting in being required on your next field as you walk off the first.

One of the differences with the PA is the ability for spectators to shout and cheer. This allowed for attempts to relay extra information onto the field such as opposing player positions but as to how much was picked up by the on field players is debatable. It was more effective at the end game trying to direct a run through when the other team's final player was reloading or looking the wrong way. Although with their spectators calling which side to watch the advantages from the spectators started to balance up. Spectators were also kept 8-9 metres from players so had to shout very loudly to be heard. Although a doubter before the event I think the sideline cheering was actually a positive thing as it allowed the spectators to become more emotionally invested in the games.

Over the 12 games we won 10. Losing once in the morning and once in the afternoon session. Our first loss against LPS Croydon came on field 2 but with an adjustment to our breakout plan we went on to beat them on our second game and won our other games on the field. Our other loss came on field 1 in the afternoon against the team that ended in second place, No Limit Bridgend. They had obviously adapted to our morning game plan so we again adjusted our tactics to play a less aggresive style and instead locked down our lanes for our remaining game on the field. Needless to say this brought us a victory for our final game on the field.

Overall we all had a great day and would  highly rate the tournament and organisation. Looking forward to next month now where we will need to work to maintain our early season lead on our opposition.
Eclipse Paintball Association League - Leg 1 By: IL-Axel Date: April 04, 2006, 05:21:22 pm
Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations folks :-D :-D :-D
Re: Eclipse Paintball Association League - Leg 1 By: IL-Dylan Date: April 07, 2006, 11:39:40 pm
Lions are top of division with 2 with a lead of game 65 points but tied on 15 series points.

Lions 750
No Limit 685