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IronLions-London End of Season 2005 Newsletter By: IL-Tim Date: December 04, 2005, 08:15:55 pm
IronLions-London End of Season Newsletter, 3 December, 2005

Our Annual General Meeting was held on 28 November where the following decisions were made and/or announced. It is on this public forum for the benefit of our recruits, supporters and those unable to log in.

Domestic Series
As a team we will focus on two series next year; The PA National League, which is 7-Man and the Dye UK Masters 5-Man. In January the rosters will be decided for both squads, although this will be fluid and likely to change as the season develops. The mix will not necessarily be the best players go to PA and the newer players go to UKM. We want the right balance of experience and position coverage that will allow both teams to do well. In deciding the squads the senior members will consider individual skills, player positions and preference, practice attendance, communication skills, team dynamics and experience.  

The PA League has far and away the most professional approach to paintball as a sport and we will throw all our weight behind their efforts to get it treated that way. Impartial refs, fixed rosters and crowd participation are all hallmarks of recognized sports and their presence in the PA League will go a long way to get it recognized as such. The quick turnarounds and level of play will challenge us to bring our game up a notch or two and I am confident we will rise to the challenge. The series is filmed for SkySports and this yearís games saw several hours of footage aired in prime time. Our goal is to come in the top 2 so that we will get promoted up a division for 2007.

Dye UK Masters 5-Man
Both squads played this series in 2005 to excellent results. Most of the more experienced players will find themselves on the PA squad in 2006 while the newer players hone their skills in the UKM squad. This does not mean we do not expect good results from the UKM squad. While the UKM squad might be viewed as developmental, we expect it to finish the season in Division A and in the Top 10 of series total points.  Both squads will play the January and February legs as IronLions Red and IronLions Black. In March, the UKM squad will take on the team name with the highest series points.

In 2006, we will play the April and September legs of the Centurio EEPL series (5-man) in Prague and Bratislava respectively, Campaign Cup in September and the PSP World Cup (5-man) in Orlando, Florida in October. We plan to send 2 squads to each event and may add another event if the demand is there. The Euro 5-Man at the end of October is also on the agenda.

Dates for all planned events are at the bottom. Mark your diary now, although some date changes are likely.

The 2006 sponsorship drive is underway with 2 target audiences. One is paintball equipment manufacturers and distributors and the other will be companies outside the paintball industry. From the former we will seek free and discounted kit and from the latter we will seek cash. All cash received will be used to subsidize training paint for members. We have already received a commitment from Harrison Electrical to the tune of 2,000 pounds. This will buy a lot of training paint. Members are encouraged to think of any companies that they do business with that may be interested in sponsoring us with cash in return for promotional consideration. See Tim or Miller for details.  From the former group we are proud to announce the continued sponsorship of AM Paintball Marketing. They have a number of business deals in the works and details are forthcoming as to what they will provide us with this year. We are also in negotiations with other companies and you will be notified of any positive results as soon as possible.

Monthly dues for team members will rise to 27 pounds per month as of January 2006. This increase will come back to you in the form of added benefits. If at any time this constitutes an extreme hardship for anyone, please contact Tim directly. For your monthly dues you will continue to get free training and coaching and the opportunity to compete as an IronLion in tournaments. Added benefits include:
-Use of new team Dye Locklid pods during tourneys
-Free entry in to every 5th tournament you participate in (or a discount equal to the entry fee of a domestic tourney if your 5th happens to be a more expensive international tourney)
-Free transport and lodging for 2 non-playing members at every tournament. This is necessary to encourage volunteers to pit crew events. You will benefit whether you are a player or pit crew.  
-Free and discounted training paint thanks to our cash sponsors.

The cost of practice for non-members will go up to 15 pounds effective immediately. Those recruits currently in the 8 week training pipeline will be ìgrandfatheredî and continue to pay the older price.  
All members are reminded to set up a standing order for team dues. It is a requirement. Anyone not doing so will pay full price for practices and paint and be ineligible to play tournaments.

A team Lottery syndicate will be set up for anyone who wants to participate. Helder will post a thread on the details. Cost will be 8 pounds a month to be deposited into the team account in addition to your monthly dues. Members that participate will receive an equal share of any winnings.    

After thorough research by our attorney it was determined that the benefits of being declared a ìnon-profitî is not worth the costs.

Tim will be Team Manager overlooking the operation of the team.
Yuriy will be the Coach.
Bevan will be the Field Captain of the PA Squad.
Ed is Mr. Finance
Jason and Helder will provide input to the teamís direction as Sr. Members, along with the individuals named above
Bianca will continue to handle event logistics i.e. transport hire and lodging
Axel is Team Founder and Webmaster

Player Contracts
Every member has received, or will receive, a player contract. The document spells out what is expected of members and what members can expect from the team. Everyone who is a member is expected to sign the last page and give it to Tim.

TPC Marshalling
In exchange for our free training sessions at TPC we are required to help them out by providing a member to marshal every Saturday. So far the volunteer system has resulted in an uneven distribution of the work so now all members will be assigned a Saturday session to marshal. This will be posted on the website and sent to you via e-mail. If you cannot make your assigned session it is your responsibility to find a replacement. There is no acceptable excuse for missing your assigned session.  

Ski Trip
A week in Chamonix is planned for February. It will not interfere with the UKMasters. Everyone is invited to attend, along with any friends you may want to bring. Contact Bevan for details.  

That is all for now. Enjoy your holidays, continue to practice and good luck to Dylan, Paul, Jason, Daniel and Teo who are participating in the Phoenix Indoor tournament on 11 December.

Manager, IronLions London

22 January UKMasters Uttoxeter
19 February Phoenix 5-Man Birmingham Indoor
26 February UKMasters Lincoln
5 March PA League Leg 1
26 March UKMasters 5-Man
2 April PA League Leg 2
8,9 April Centurio EEPL Prague
21-23 April Millenium - Bitburg
23 April UKM Uttoxeter
7 May PA League Leg 3
21 May UKM Lincoln
11 June PA League Leg 4
25 June UKM 5-Man
1-2 July Centurio EEPL Warsaw (??)
2 July PA League Leg 5
7-9 July Millennium Paris
9 July UKM Uttoxeter
6 August PA League Leg 6
20 August UKM Lincoln
1-3 September Campaign Cup
3 September PA League Leg 6 (likely to be moved)
15-17 September Centurio EEPL Bratislava
14-14 October Centurio EEPL Greece (??)
6-10 November PSP World Cup Orlando, FL