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New Website Released By: IL-Axel Date: May 15, 2008, 03:44:48 pm
I'm happy to announce the release of the latest version of our website - v.8 if I remember correctly.

There's more to come in the next two months, including much missed player profiles, field maps, a new gallery, paintball videos...

New features already available are:

- Lo-fi / text only version.
Ideal for PDA/smart phone access. You can also find the link on the bottom of every page.

- Member Map.
Put yourself on the map and discover paintballers near you.

- Bling new profile fields to big-up your team and tell the world+dog about the cool gear you have Smiley

- Easily embed videos from YouTube, Google Video, etc by just posting the link!

- Less forums means less time wasted browsing.
I've reduced the number of forums, since it became a bit daunting to moderate and actually find stuff.

- Send topics/pages to your mates using the new "Send this topic" feature (top right above each topic; registered site users only)

- Faster site performance due to sleeker underpinnings means you can read more in less time.

- Cleaner front-page portal.
I kicked out all the bits that distracted the eye from our home page, making it easier to find out what's new and take in the relevant bits.

- More secure and no more log-in problems. I hope at least...

- Easier sign-up process.
New users no longer need to activate their accounts but can log-in and participate straight away.

- More fun off the field through our friends at |HSO| online gaming clan.

...Oh and our IRC channel on is back online again! #ironlions
Re: New Website Released By: IL-Axel Date: May 16, 2008, 10:24:38 am
[ Important Update ] I've now completed the switch to v8 and have moved the old v7 to the following location: where you can still view old stuff for another month or so until I had a chance to move gallery and files. You will not be able to post there!