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Eclipse Paintball Association League - Leg 3 By: IL-Ed Date: May 07, 2006, 11:55:18 pm
Joint first after two legs and everything to play for!!

After a placing reversal in Leg 2 we finished second behind No Limit Bridgend, who's Blog of the leg appears in the upcoming PBUK, we found ourselves in joint 1st place but still ahead on the tiebreaker of game points. Coming into Leg 3 we knew we had to get our heads together and get back to focusing on basics if we wanted to retake our lead position in the Division.

Despite the mini roasting the ground had mid week an overnight rain with a very light drizzle throughout the day kept the grass nice and slick and great for sliding. As usual the fields all ran to a central starter system so fields can't fall behind, the staging area had plenty of room for teams and the PA system called teams to the field for their 12-14 games.

With our first game of the day being against No Limit Bridgend we knew we needed an early win. With the consistency both teams have been showing there was a good chance our very first game could decide the end of day placing. With one of the Chronic field having being moved to Field 1 for this leg we were playing a field with less open spaces then the PBUK field we had drawn to play No Limit Bridgend for the first two events. As they had the head on results advantage against us at the moment we hoped we would find more success with this different style of play. With our focus going into the game we were able to bring off the victory and go 1 win for 1 game played.

We then moved onto field 3 facing Fat Bob's Leeds and took that for our second victory in two games. 2 for 2. The team was feeling good at this stage and everyone was playing focused ball and maintaining our lanes to whittle the opposition down before our forward players finished the game.

Back over to Field 1 to face LPS Croydon, a team that has taken points from us in each leg, so again we knew it was important to be on top of our game when playing  them. Unfortunately we were beaten. Our next games were against Lincoln Storm and Leicester Wildcats on Field 2 and we dropped these. This left us at 2 wins with 5 played. Not where we had planned to be as Division Leaders!! Whether we relaxed after those first two wins after the good start we were determined to get or the others teams are adapting to our game play as the legs go on or a combination we knew we had to regroup or face an embarrassing placing at the end of the day.

Next up was Dagenham Swarm, the new guys in Division 2. With the consent of the EPA organisers they had been given permission to swap divisions with UKM Romford who were finding the loss of some key players making the bid at Div 2 untenable. Dagenham Swarm, we have heard, as leaders of Div 3 have been training almost every weekend for months and  we knew they would not be a pushover as a former Division 3 team. Thankfully the team had started to rally and we got a win in here to bring us back to 3 wins in 6 games. From here we knew we could still get a good final placing but it would mean us winning the rest of our games or other teams dropping games. A quick check of the scoreboard showed at 3-4 teams ahead of us but thankfully no one seemed to be running away with the event. With Dagenham Swarm picking up wins against the established Div 2 teams and Leicester Wildcats having a good day the Div went from being a two horse race to a free for all with almost every team in the picture for an end of day victory.

After a lunch break we were back on Field One with No Limit Bridgend for our second game of the day. In the PA you play each team in the division twice on the same field and swap ends for each game to ensure fairness and allows teams that can adapt plans based on morning experiences to prosper. This time is was No Limit who came out strong and we dropped this game and 3 wins for 7 games. By this stage we knew we either had to find another gear our suffer a heavy loss and fall behind No Limit on Series points as they seemed to be having a good day as well.

Fat Bob's Leeds and another win followed by a cheering victory against LPS Croydon & Lincoln Storm who had both beat us in the morning brought us back into contention at 6 wins for 10 played. Despite this a check of the scoreboards still showed a number of teams able to finish ahead of us at the end of the day. Our final two games were against two of these, Leicester Wildcats and Dagenham Swarm. A loss to either would have dropped to us to a 3-4 place finish but a double victory would not only give us extra points but deny them and allow us to overhaul them on the board. With a particularly hard fought game against the Leicester Wildcats we got the first one we needed followed by a final victory against Dagenham Swarm bringing us to 8 wins in 12 games and victory after an amazing comeback from 3 wins in 7 games.

Was it the rain stopping, the team playing so badly that we finally relaxed and played our natural game, our amended fields plans for the afternoon or maybe just the Paintball Gods smiling down on us that let us win? Maybe but I'd like to think it's the team we have built that plays with a dedication to our teammates and has a depth of play that won't be kept down. Of course I would be remiss not to mention the great equipment we use that really does make a difference.

We have just signed a deal with Site Inc to become the first UK team to be sponsored by the ultra light Stiffi carbon fiber barrels. These really are accurate and if you have a break will shoot through and clear themselves in just a few shots. You can find them with the new UK dealer AMPM. We also shoot Chronic 420 paintballs through our Eclipse Egos from Phoenix Paintball UK. Other sponsors include brighterComputing.c om and The Paintball Centre in London’s Canary Wharf.

Division 1
London Tigers 888
APC SC Stealers 881
Birmingham Phoenix 871
Manc Union 689
Blackpool Inferno 685
Milton Keynes Storm 661
Wolves City Union 548
Livingston Clan 339

Division 2
London Iron Lions 748
No Limit Bridgend 734
Leicester Wildcats 658
Dagenham Swarm 620
Lincoln Storm 474
Fat Bob's Leeds 390
LPS Adrenalin Croydon 339

Division 3
Harrogate Hustlers 1004
Cannock Cobras 846
Uttoxeter Sharks 719
Durham City Dragons 569
UKM Romford 554
Pure Rush Ashford 317
EA Leicester 216