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Website Updates By: IL-Axel Date: July 17, 2005, 10:33:55 am
After the last defacement and break-in attempt I have enhanced security even more and decided to now run the site over an encrypted connection (SSL).

However, my first update right after the attack had plenty of issues which needed fixing and it took me a few days to put things right. I've done some more testing and am confident you will find the updated site working well.

If however you come across any bugs hiding around the site, please post your reports with as much information (i.e. full URL, your browser, connection (i.e. proxy), etc) in the Website Helpdesk forum.

There's currently an issue with IL member signatures that will lead to a prompt in IE when displaying the forum posts. I'm working on this and it is not a major issue, just a nag.

Website Updates By: IL-Axel Date: July 19, 2005, 06:22:56 pm
Update: I've removed SSL for now and changed our cookie to just 'ironlions'. Please log-out. Clear your ironlions related cookies, restart your browser and log back in again to avoid any problems accessing the site.

SSL put a lot of strain on the server and most IE users complained (rightly) about the inconvenience caused by the prompts. I know what caused the prompt but am unable to resolve it completely for technical reasons. Therefore = no more SSL (for now anyway).

Also more security and some cosmetic work has been done and GoogleAds have been added in a nicer way.