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New! By: RavinPaint Date: November 27, 2009, 03:48:06 am
Hey all

well bascilly, i am here for future needs, i am looking for a team in future, (new year)

I ahve played a few games of paintball, and LOVED it, njever playted tournys,  had a mate who did, havent spoken to him in ages

basiclly, (dont know where to post it)

looking for advice on joining a team, im set to go paintballing with my family, n a few mates around the 16th of december (my 18), i do have not that much experiance in paintball, but i made the desicion today, to in the new year go every saturday, cause i am serioussly considering getting into playing alot

i am buying my first marker

Pirhana GTi (cheap, its xmas guys come on Smiley )
do you all play friendly games like every now and then sort of thing and if so can anyone come along, as im really intrested in getting to know some other paintballers from LDN

im 17 yrs younge and from borehamnwood, hobbies (best left unsaid), pritty much why i am here, to get into a sport and meet decent people,

so really any advice and help, or meets is great,

Re: New! By: RavinPaint Date: November 27, 2009, 02:24:15 pm

instead of the entry level pihrana

im getting a

BT4 with h18 sniper barrel, stock, and double trigger