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Use No Oil or Petroleum Products with Regs/Tanks By: AMPM-Mark Date: June 29, 2006, 09:07:41 am
For Immediate Release

Safety Reminder - Use No Oil or Petroleum Products


Oil and other petroleum products should not be used in paintball compressed air regulators, tanks or fill nipples.


Loyalhanna, PA - June 27, 2006  


Following a recent accident at a European paintball tournament, we would like to remind the users of Max-Flo compressed air systems - and all other brands of compressed air systems - that no oil or any petroleum based cleaner or lubricant should never be put into paintball compressed air regulators or tanks.


Some players have taken to the practice of using oil as a stop-gap measure, believing it is a correct way to repair a damaged or worn fill nipple seal.  Unfortunately, this can create a hazardous situation.


When exposed to compressed air, flammable liquids such as oil become more flammable, and in some cases can ignite just from their own heat.  For this reason, compressed air regulators, tanks and fittings for paintball should not be lubricated in any way other than what the manufacturer has specified in their instructions.


Max-Flo compressed air systems should only be lubricated with SL33K paintgun lubricant, and only as prescribed in the Max-Flo instruction manual.


We would like to encourage the paintball media, and paintball players everywhere to help spread the word that oil and compressed air systems don't mix.


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