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Searching for a team and a place to life in London! By: Raptor Date: May 14, 2008, 07:24:36 pm
Hello guys,

I am a player from Austria(yes the country with mountains  Roll Eyes ), 23y old and I will start to work in London on the 14th of june!

I am playing Paintball for 4 years now, 2 and a half in tournaments!
I am a frontplayer/snakeplayer and make my kills with a DM8 for this season!
My current team is called "Paradise Connection" from Styria, we won the Austrian-Cup and the EP5 last year! We are training with Vienna United and compete in about 20 events a year!

I am searching for team to train and to, if i am worth for it, to play tournaments with!
Important to me is that I will stay sharp or however you wanna call it!

I will work in London for about a one year or more!
I am also searching for a flat or a room, cheap and near to both: "the st. james club and hotel" and your training site!

I wanna train hard and I wanna win when I am playing, so you can expect a accurate killer when you give me some support! I would really love to kill in the name of the IRON LIONS!

Let me know what you thinking,
[email protected]
0043 664 3992747