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Equipment For Sale By: IL-Clinton Date: December 20, 2007, 01:50:51 pm
Hey there Guys

I have decieded to sell my equipment but this not mean i have given up. I will be taking a break to sort out a few things and will be back in the not to distance future. I will be regularly looking up on the site and will come down to some touries. So here it is.

2 x Stiffi Barrels
1 x Ego 05 with 06 Grip
1 x Ego 06 Black with Gold Trimmings
1 x 1.1l Stako Bottle(Never Used) - Need to Check Date
1 x 1.1l Standard Bottle - Need to Check Date
1 x Planet Gloves(Never Used)
1 x Empire Hopper

U guys get first dibs before this goes on Paintballer. If you need pics let me know and i will arrange. Good Offers.

Re: Equipment For Sale By: LUIS Date: December 20, 2007, 09:02:15 pm
hi, i want the ego, please send me your phone number for see the marker this weakend   [email protected] its urgent a fly to my country soon