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IronLions Members Package 2006 By: IL-Ed Date: November 30, 2005, 05:58:36 pm
IronLions Members Package 2006

Hi and thanks for your interest in joining the IronLions London Paintball Team. We are always looking to expand our player roster as we operate a squad based system allowing players to progress within the squads and play with teammates of a similar ability. As the squads grow we will create another and enter additional events to accomadate. Our goal is to provide our members with the highest level of competition available at great prices.

Now, what can we offer you as a prospective Team member in 2006


- On the International Front we will be playing 2-3 legs of the Centurio EEPL, Millenium Campaign Cup, Millenium Paris.

- Domestic tournies we will be attending this year will be the the MPANL, UKMasters 5 Man & some other events depending on player interest such as Heavens Gate, PA Cup.


- FREE weekly training session at The Paintball Centre (TPC) (exc paint)
- Additional Sliding Practises in Hyde Park during Summer Months
- Outdoor training sessions for scrimmage practise.
- Team Coach who will monitor individual key skills development.
- Opportunity to have a personal fitness programme created.

Support/Sponsorship Package

- We use Zap Paint supplied by Phoenix Paintball and also receive a discount on gear purchased from them. This year the EPA team was also sponsored to use Eclipse gear including Ego06
- Customised team merchandise and gear from AMPM.
- Site Inc, Stiffi Barrels

( Exact details of discounts and prices we receive can be discussed on receipt of an application in order to protect our sponsors confidentiality. But we promise they are really good deals )

If your interested feel free to ask any questions in a new thread or PM [strike]Tim Angers[/strike] Alex Dyke (IL-Alex) who looks after our recruitment if you want to protect your privacy.
IronLions Members Package 2006 By: IL-Axel Date: September 10, 2006, 09:19:09 am
Please note that because of Tim's pending relocation to the US, Alex Dyke is now taking over HR at Iron Lions. You can either PM or email him [email protected]