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[readme] ...want to join us but never been in a paintball team? By: IL-Alex Date: September 21, 2006, 09:47:16 pm
Welcome, and thanks for your interest in joining the Iron Lions London Paintball Team.

An essential element for any team sport is developing the number of players within the team. Therefore we are always keen for new recruits to join our team!

Below are some of the common questions that are asked by new recruits:

1. Do I need any experience to join?
No, we welcome anyone to join the team. Many of our current rosta started by playing at their local paintball field. We are looking for people from any background, with any level of skill or experience.

2. Do I need any equipment to play?
We train at Bricket Wood (Go Ballistic) in London, which can provide overalls, mask and marker to train with. I'd recommend that you bring a spare pair of trainers/football boots, spare pair of socks and some clothing that you don't mind getting dirty.

3. So do you guys dress up and "play army"?
There are two distinct types of paintball. Woodsball or recball, is what everyone readily associates with paintball. Paintball is commonly used as an element of many stag-dos! Then there is tournament paintball, or sup'air. The Iron Lions London are a tournament orientated team. Once you've played tournament paintball, going back to playing in the woods seems an anti-climax. Imagine a 30 minute woods game compressed into 2 minutes. There is no sneaking around looking for the opposition. From the word go, you are running and shooting as fast as possible. It can be quite intense, with the volume of paint being shot by both teams.

4. Can you tell me more about tournament paintball?
The playing field is approx 50m x 35m field with inflatable obstacles separating the 2 teams. At the "game-on" signal both teams raise their markers (paintball guns) and begin shooting as they run for their obstacle. Some of the markers, in skilled hands, can shoot 15 balls a second. Most games will only last a few minutes before one side claims victory. The traveling speed of the balls is legally limited for safety reasons and every player's marker is checked when entering the field to ensure adherence to these restrictions. All the players wear full protective headgear (at a minimum) and most wear knee, elbow pads and gloves for added protection.

5. Can you tell me more about the team?
Our team is diverse, with a range of nationalities that represents London. Player's nationalities include, British, South African, French, Portuguese, German and American. There is varying skills and abilities, all of us work hard at being the best that we can be. We train hard, play hard and play by the rules. This has earnt us respect from other teams and marshals.

6. What will the team expect from me?
Since the team's inception, we have consistently progressed, achieving significant success. This takes passion, enthusiasm and commitment. So we are looking for like-minded people!

7. Will this be expensive to play?
Given our level of personal commitment to training and playing in tournaments, this is not a "cheap" activity. Initial setup costs are low, training at BW provides us with the basic equipment to begin your sup'air education. As you become more involved, it is likely that you'll look to purchase equipment. However, it is important recognise that tournament paintball is not as expensive as regularly playing paintball at your local field!

8. What equipment do you use, is it expensive?
All of the team own paintball markers, hoppers, air systems, barrels and playing gear. The cost of equipment varies considerably, but new players don't have to purchase expensive items to play.

9. Can you advise on what equipment to buy?
Like any sport, you can purchase multiple items; some of these are worthwhile, others are not. One benefit of being in a team is that you can benefit from the experiences of others to guide your expenditure effectively.

10. So, when do you guys train?
Our regular training night is Monday from 18:30 - 21:30. During this session, we practice personal and team drills, plus some practice games. We are now training on weekends, so more people can attend.

11. Do you training at weekends?
Although domestic tournaments are held over a weekend, which can limit the opportunities for weekend sessions, we are now training on weekends too.

12. Can I come to a training session?
We welcome anyone coming down to either take a look, or join in. Please let us know before you come by checking in with us via the Recruitment Forum.

13. How much is each training session for a new recruit?
New recruits will need to play a green fee if using their own marker(currently £15); then share the cost of the paint used in that training session, which is usually around £10 per head. When you become a full member, you will pay a monthly team membership and pay for the paint as you did during the recruitment phase. New recruits should budget £30-40 per training session.

14. How much is each training session for a team member?
Become a full member and training becomes FREE!!!! Members do contribute a monthly fee towards team costs and benefit from the great support from our sponsors (exclusive equipment discounts and competitive priced paint which significantly reduces participation costs).

15. Do I need to be fit to play?
Though not seen as a mainstream sport, the same fitness levels will benefit you. Playing tournament paintball is an athletic sport, so being in good shape helps. Certain training drills will help develop the conditioning needed to play better. One key benefit of becoming fitter, is that you can then concentrate on hitting your opponent, and not that you cannot keep up with the pace of the game!

16. Have all your players started as recruits as well?
Rather than poach players from other teams we prefer to recruit at the grass roots level and train them up. We aim to teach players what they need to know from the start. We have several recruits in the pipeline right now so you should be able to jump right in.

17. How long does it take to join the team?
We require participation in at least 8 practise sessions, where you'll be considered for full membership. Any application is then reviewed, and if you've demonstrated the right approach, you'll become a full member.

In summary, you'll be playing paintball with a group of like minded people and having a great time doing it! Tournament paintball is a fun, demanding, challenging, yet rewarding activity.

18. Paintball tournaments...? Can you explain further?
We played / are playing in the following tournament series:

Planet Eclipse PA National League
Dye UK Masters
Millennium Series
Centurio EEPL

These were held both domestically and within Europe. There are various formats, but all are based on small rectangular field approx 50m x 35m, with a selection of inflatable objects (bunkers). These are positioned on the field to provide cover from the opposition, with the goal of capturing a flag at the centre or oppositions end. Most games are won by eliminating all opposing players, then hanging the flag. Though this is not always the case!

19. Will I be able to play in a tournament?
We look to have our players competing for playing spots. As with all skill based sports, the more committed players will play more than those that aren't. Demonstrate the commitment and ability required and you'll be able to play.

Hopefully, most of your questions have now been answered. If not then you're very welcome to contact me using the PM facility on our site, or alternatively by sending an email to [email protected]

Many thanks for taking the time to read this Cheesy

I look forward to meeting you during one of our training sessions

Iron Lions London HR
Re: [readme] ...want to join us but never been in a paintball team? By: IL-Axel Date: May 13, 2008, 10:14:29 pm
Updated the post to bring it -err- well, up to date one would hope Smiley