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Article in The Wharf Newspaper By: Anonymous Date: April 04, 2005, 06:08:31 pm
I spoke to a journalist from The Wharf today and I sparked his interest to do an article on the Ironlions and he is quite taken with the idea. Now I have some photos that Bevan so kindly gave me from the tourney on 24 March at Leicester but I would prefer to give them one with a few other team members (Tim and co) but since I don't have enough timescale to do a group photo, I will be sending them an email along, with some photos that I have, to spark more interest. Now since marketing is not my forte, I would gladly accept some "good writing" ideas from someone with things like when the team started and how we are growing - no essays please!  Oh I need this by Wednesday - yes as in 2 days time. I will be saying stuff about the Leicester tourney and that we came third. It will be brief as I have said that they would be most welcome to take professional photos (of the whole team) and I could organise a shoot for whenever they would deem feasible.

This is a good opportunity for PR work (and potential sponsors could see that we do marketing blah blah get my drift!) So let us make a good effort on this. Pity that we donǃÙt have the new jerseys!

Lastly, I mentioned that we are in the UK Masters and that there is another tourney in April and that he would be welcome to come along with us ǃ� not sure is this was a good or bad idea. But we do need to do well at the next tourney so that they keep running articles on the Ironlions. I will of course push for the website to be mentioned in the article.

Who is good at PR/marketing and could check the email before I send it?

A quick response will be greatly appreciated.

Article in The Wharf Newspaper By: Anonymous Date: April 04, 2005, 10:20:46 pm
Did you talk to Alan Lodge? He came to TPC a year ago when it opened and wrote about us in the article on TPC's opening. He talked about following us through the season but we didn't follow up on it.

Great minds must think alike. I e-mailed him just before I went to the States about reporting on the team throughout the season. He never replied but it just so happens I wrote a brief article last night that covers the Masters and I was planning on sending it to him tomorrow--once I've had the chance to type it up.

I figured he didn't say no so I would send it to him and if he used it--great. Thanks for taking it one step further and actually talking to someone there.

I will type it up and send it over to you. I also have the team write up we did last year that was in PBUK. I will update it and send that to you as well. The important thing is to get TPC mentioned in the article. Well that and making me look good. I was thinking a glamour shot w/ my tight Dye Balance top and me sucking my gut in.
Re: Article in The Wharf Newspaper By: Anonymous Date: April 05, 2005, 07:51:13 am
Yes, I spoke to Alan yesterday. He is expecting my email. I'm so glad that you have some material. I was dreading having to write something! I look forwared to receiving your stuff. Please email it to me at [email protected]. Alan had mentioned that someone had contacted him before, so it was you. It will be awesome if they keep coverage on the team.

Yes, TPC must be mentioned. Dave would not be happy with us otherwise!

Thanks Tim.  Cheesy
Re: Article in The Wharf Newspaper By: Anonymous Date: April 06, 2005, 02:08:41 pm
Hi Bianca! I dont think we have meet but I am one of the recruits and I my business degree has strong emphasis on marketing and I have just  done a three month internship with a PR agency. But I suspect that I am telling you this to late, right? In future I would love to help with this sort of thing not only because I enjoy donig it but I can also buff up my CV with this :wink:  I would love to see all of our clippings and also the current press release. Could you post or PM them, please?
Re: Article in The Wharf Newspaper By: Anonymous Date: April 06, 2005, 03:02:11 pm
Hi Cyrus et all.

Here is what I've sent to The Wharf (most of it was written by Tim) and I sent 2 photos. Hopefully IL will get some press release on this. I would also like to set up a portfolio for IL and if anyone has any clippings that they feel would benefit the portfolio (bearing in mind that this will be shown to potential sponsors) please let me know.

Hi Alan,

Thanks for speaking to me on Monday evening regarding a possible article about the Iron Lions Paintball Team.  Here is a brief overview of their recent performance at Skirmish Leicester and I attach photographs for your interest.  

Iron Lions Start 2005 Season
By Bianca Miller
The Iron Lions London Paintball Team kicked off the 2005 season recently with a 3rd Place finish at the UK Masters Tournament in Leicester. The competition pitted 36 teams of five players each in four experience-based divisions lettered A - D. The Lions competed in Division C.

Wielding compressed air-powered markers capable of firing over 15 paintballs a second, the team won 5 of their 8 games by marking their opponents with paint and capturing a flag at the centre of the pitch. This is harder than it sounds as the only cover on the 50 x 35 metre pitch is a series of small to medium-sized inflatable obstacles or ǃ˙bunkersǃ˘ scattered about the playing field. The team has been practicing at The Paintball Centre in Wood Wharf since it opened one year ago. ǃ˙Practicing throughout the off season really paid off for usǃ˘ said team spokesman and player, Tim Angers. ǃ˘We coordinated our individual movements well and moved up the field very aggressivelyǃ∂beating one team in under 35 seconds.ǃ˘ The Iron Lions will be playing 2 or 3 tournaments a month through October.

The Iron Lions London can be found at The Paintball Centre in Wood Wharf every Monday night or most Saturday afternoons when they help out with marshalling. The Paintball CentreǃÙs manager/owner Dave Jones has provided Iron Lions with great support and when the place isnǃÙt packed with rental customers, they have plenty of room to practice. You can also visit the Iron Lions on their website

As I mentioned on Monday, the team is available to  meet with you at your convenience if you would like to take better pictures and to get more information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Bianca Miller
Iron Lions
[email protected]
mobile: 07971 118 209

Re: Article in The Wharf Newspaper By: Anonymous Date: April 06, 2005, 11:04:40 pm
Nice job

Thanks Bianca
Article in The Wharf Newspaper By: Anonymous Date: April 07, 2005, 06:09:44 pm
That would be excellent Cyrus. In the United States we have a book called Bacon's that lists publications (magazines, newspapers, etc). I'm sure you have the same type of thing here. Could you research local London papers, like the Wharf, that might be interested in running stories on us.
We can add PBUK to this obviously.

I'd like to put together a distro list for press releases. Then you could do up a short sports story, like the one above, for each of our tourney events. I'm happy to name you Press Officer, Head of PR, whatever you want so you can list it on your CV. You could also keep a portfolio of all your placements. This type of thing is great for job interviews.

I'd like to hear any other ideas you have to.

I have the original Wharf story Alan did that included us and all our PBUK placements so we can put them together in a portfolio.

These are things I've been meaning to do since we started. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Big thanks to both of you for helping us get this exposure. It will def help when it comes to getting sponsors.
Re: Article in The Wharf Newspaper By: Anonymous Date: April 07, 2005, 07:42:58 pm
I'll be bringing my camera on Sunday so we can get some decent pics of the tournament, so long as someone can look after it while we play. It's worth twice as much as my gun!
Re: Article in The Wharf Newspaper By: Anonymous Date: April 07, 2005, 09:39:56 pm

Jason and I will be going on Sunday to watch so I can look after your camera. (I'll bring mine along too as well as a video camera).
Re: Article in The Wharf Newspaper By: IL-Ed Date: May 22, 2005, 11:10:31 pm
Did we decide on sending stuff in. May be worth sending in a short article on today's result. Preferably e-mailed within 24 hours mentioning promotion system of top 3 up and same down and we are going to Div One next month after just two event in Div 2 and it will be after our trip to one of the biggest Tournaments in Europe to be held in Amsterdam on the first weekend of June etc.

Anyway there are people better at writing this stuff than me about so do your stuff Smiley