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Question about recruiting/joining By: novapball Date: March 05, 2006, 03:02:25 am
Hey Iron Lions,

Name: Sean Gilchrist
Team: Co-Captain Villanova University
Tournaments: NCPA NEIC League (Collegiate Paintball League)
Equipment: PM5 etc.

Ok, I currently attend Villanova Univerisity in Pennsylvania, USA, and I helped start the team here.  We play every weekend and are in the collegiate circuit.  The deal is that I am going to study abroad this fall, I know I'm talking to you guys early, but I will actually be in Europe starting this summer and stay there until the semester starts.  I will be attending Queen Mary in London, and I want to play paintball with a team while I am there.

It will probably be for around 4-5 months, and I love the sport and cannot quit for such a long time.  I was wondering if there is anyway to accomodate this, I would love to play in some London tournamnets, and would want to join up on a team.

I have money to play every week and more, and I love the game so I am dedicated.

Just hit me up with an email or pm about more info, if this is possible.


Sean Gilchrist

I am 19 years old.
Question about recruiting/joining By: IL-Tim Date: March 05, 2006, 10:48:00 pm
Welcome to the forum. We are always looking for dedicated players. As long as you come and practice with us regularly, you can play tourneys with us. We have 2 students who are in London studying at the moment so you being here only for a school year or a semester is not a hindrance. It'd be nice to have another "Yank" on the team too.  

P/M me with your e-mail addee and I'll send you our standard pitch which will give you some added detail on the team.

Anglicization lesson #1: Despite what you and I learned in Geography class, the Brits don't consider the UK to be part of Europe. Smiley
Question about recruiting/joining By: IL-Tom Date: March 06, 2006, 08:59:50 am
Lesson number 2: Don't replace an S with a Z in every single word!
Re: Question about recruiting/joining By: IL-Ed Date: March 07, 2006, 07:26:27 am
Hi Sean, look forward to meeting you in a few months.
Re: Question about recruiting/joining By: novapball Date: March 10, 2006, 05:19:08 am
Hey guys,

thanks for the responses,

I just got back from Montreal for spring break, it was a great time.

My e-mail addy is [email protected]

definatly am looking forward to playing with you guys
Question about recruiting/joining By: IL-Tim Date: March 10, 2006, 04:24:10 pm
Montreal?? You're supposed to go south for spring break! MMmm, fond memories of Daytona Beach. Smiley

I've sent you an e-mail
Question about recruiting/joining By: IL-Bevank Date: March 10, 2006, 05:10:35 pm
man you are going to scare the poor dude off if you have sent him am email of your spring break all those one night stands with drunken men
Question about recruiting/joining By: IL-Jason Date: March 10, 2006, 05:23:23 pm
now thats funny man
Question about recruiting/joining By: IL-Tim Date: March 10, 2006, 05:52:00 pm
Oi, someone's mod priveliges are going to be revoked!