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Iron Lions London to wear Eclipse clothing and shoot Egos By: IL-Axel Date: April 21, 2006, 09:02:28 am
Phoenix Paintball is happy to announce they have re-signed the Iron Lions London Paintball Team for the 2006 season. Along with last year’s discounts on paint and Phoenix’s extensive range of kit, the new deal includes an Eclipse-sponsored package which will have the team’s top squad wearing Eclipse threads and shooting 06 Egos.

Team manager Tim Angers said, "We've already received the guns and started shooting them at this month's PA. I still can't believe how light, comfortable and consistent the Ego was straight out of the box. Eclipse has really nailed it with this one. Its no wonder more and more teams are going with them."  

The Iron Lions played their first serious tournament in March 2004 and now boast a roster of nearly 20 players made up of two dedicated squads. The top players participate in the UK's Eclipse Paintball Association National League as well as some premiere international events (i.e. Millennium and PSP). The other squad plays in the UK Masters 5 Man Series and some Centurio EEPL events in Europe.  Both squads will continue to shoot the outstanding Zap Chronic 420.

The PA Squad is off to great start as it leads Division 2 in the Eclipse PA National League after two legs. Phoenix's Team Co-ordinatoer Nicola said, "We are amazed at how far these guys have come in the last two years.  With the quality of their players and professional approach to the sport, I have no doubt they will be one of the top teams in the UK in the next two years." The team is also sponsored by AMPM for customized paintball gear, brighterComputing.c om for web services and trains at The Paintball Centre in London’s Canary Wharf. Phoenix Paintball UK can be found on the web at The Iron Lion’s website is

Contact: Timothy Angers
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Link: Planet Eclipse Press Release