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Experienced Tourni Players By: IL-Ed Date: June 21, 2005, 09:25:41 pm
You guys know what it's all about and I'm sure you have looked at the 2006 package. I thought I would use this to say a little about things we do differently from other teams and where we are heading. Hopefully if you buy into our vision it will encourage you to join up!!

We operate as a Club and thus want to encourage new players into our sport as well as push our experienced players to play at the highest standard they can. We DO NOT believe in getting 7 different guys each month and entering one off tournaments at a low level and sandbagging. So if your looking for easy wins and that's all we are not going to be for you. If you want to train hard to compete for your place in a squad and want to then go and play teams who will give you real competition so you can come away with a real satisfied feeling keep reading.

Moving onto the training. We don't do training once a month for a half a day. How can you develop better technique when you train at this sort of frequency?? Instead we have found the best sponsor in London for this pupose and train weekly at the best London site, The Paintball Centre in Canary Wharf. This allows our players to build muscle memory quicker with this higher frequency of training even if it is only a shorter amount of time each week than a full days training. Due to sand at the venue we can't practise all aspects of the game and thus organise additional practises for sliding, scrimmaging at outdoor venues. So if you want to be able to train on a weekly basis which is something very few teams have to offer keep going. For our new recruits with limited experience it also allows a quick route to learning all the basics and becoming competitive

We also take the marketing and development of the Team as an entity seriously as well. We have one of the highest rated sites in paintball, try typing Paintball Team in google with both World and UK search to see for yourself. We take the time to liase with tournament organisers, we were the only team not playing the PA in 2005 to send representatives to their end of 2005/start of 2006 managers meeting and have had lots of media coverage. In 2006 we have also become the first team to be sponsored by Site Inc, producers of the famous Stiffi Barrels.

Overall the message is we take Paintball seriously, we take our team seriously and we will take you as a new recruit seriously.
Experienced Tourni Players By: IL-Axel Date: September 10, 2006, 09:20:49 am
For all membership enquiries please contact Alex Dyke (IL-Alex) via PM or emailing [email protected]. Thanks.